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Permanent Diaconate

Believe what you read, teach what you believe, and practice what you teach.
- Roman Pontifical Rite of Ordination of Deacons

For strengthened by sacramental grace, in communion with the bishop and his group of priests they serve in the diaconate of the liturgy, of the word, and of charity to the people of God. It is the duty of the deacon, according as it shall have been assigned to him by competent authority, to administer baptism solemnly, to be custodian and dispenser of the Eucharist, to assist at and bless marriages in the name of the Church, to bring Viaticum to the dying, to read the Sacred Scripture to the faithful, to instruct and exhort the people, to preside over the worship and prayer of the faithful, to administer sacramentals, to officiate at funeral and burial services. Dedicated to duties of charity and of administration, let deacons be mindful of the admonition of Blessed Polycarp: "Be merciful, diligent, walking according to the truth of the Lord, who became the servant of all." - Dogmatic Constitution LUMEN GENTIUM of the Second Vatican Council

Let the deacons, as those who serve the mysteries of Christ and of the Church, abstain from all vice and endeavor to be always pleasing to God, "ready for every good work"(9) for the salvation of men. By reason, therefore, of the order received they must surpass by far all the others in the practice of liturgical life, in the love for prayer, in the divine service, in obedience, in charity, in chastity. - Moto Proprio of Paul VI SACRUM DIACONATUS ORDINEM

About the Permanent Diaconate

In the Catholic Church, the diaconate is the first of three ranks in ordained ministry. Deacons preparing for the priesthood are transitional deacons. Those not planning to be ordained priests are called permanent deacons. Married men may be ordained permanent deacons, and single men may be ordained with a commitment to celibacy. As the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops put it:

Deacons are ordained as a sacramental sign to the church and to the world of Christ, who came “to serve and not to be served.” The entire church is called by Christ to serve, and the deacon, in virtue of his sacramental ordination and through his various ministries, is to be a servant in a servant-church..."

For many years ordained ministers “ascended” from one office to another, culminating in ordination to the presbyterate, or priesthood. The Second Vatican Council (1962–1965), however, authorized the restoration of the diaconate as a permanent order of ministry.

Permanent deacons may be married men, provided they are over the age of 35. See our flyer here for more information>>>

If you have an interest in the permanent diaconate, contact Dcn. Fred Arrambidez at (903) 534-1077 x 185.

For questions about permanent diaconate formation, contact Fr. John Jairo Gomez, JCL at (903) 534-1077 x 162

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