Diocese of Tyler

Special Needs & Disabilities Ministry

The Diocese of Tyler Special Needs and Disabilities Ministry invites all persons with Special Needs and their families to experience, throughout their lifespan, their essential belonging to the Body of Christ. We work with clergy and families as well as other partners to encourage people with special needs to participate fully in their parishes and communities.

Mass for Families with Special Needs

Next Mass: Saturday, August 26, 2017, at 10 a.m.
Celebrant: Rev. Jorge Dinguis
St. Michael Catholic Church in Mt. Pleasant, Texas

More Info and Mass Flyer in English and Spanish >>>

- All families with children or adults with special needs are welcome.
- Modified liturgy will be celebrated to accommodate these needs.
- All parishes are asked to send a representative so they can see how to model this liturgy in their parish.
- Special dispensation from your Sunday obligation for this weekend will be granted to those who attend.
- Please RSVP to Eduardo Mendoza by August 23 so we can provide for the reception or call 903-572-5227 or 903-466-4025.

We worship a ‘disabled God.’ The twisted, distorted, disfigured image of Jesus on the cross shows how God allowed himself to become disabled and at the same time completely accessible to human beings in need of healing. We can see the disabled child or adult in God’s likeness. “All persons with disabilities have the capacity to its truth within the community of faith and offer valuable gifts. Their participation enriches every aspect of Church life. They are not just recipients of catechesis- they are its agents.” National Catechetical Directory 49.

See photos and read more from the April 29 Mass for Families with Special Needs in Tyler>>>


National Catholic Partnership on Disabilities

Tyler Run for Autism

East Texas Center for Independent Living - Includes services for persons with disabilities.

Deafnessrs4a@hhsc.state.tx.us - Abilities Success, Inc. provides help for those who are deaf in the East Texas area.

Tyler.franklin@epichealhservices.com - This organization provides health services, pediatric therapy, developmental services, and medical solutions.

Kayli.williams@dshs.state.tx.us - East Texas Department of State Health Services provides social workers for children with special needs care issues.


May 27: Chancery 10:00 -1:00   The Future of Special Needs in Diocese

June 17-18L San Marcos  Parent to Parent Conference on Special Needs

June 19, 20, 22: Catechist Camp on Identifying Special Needs in your Parish, St Mary's Parish 

August 26: Mass for Families with Special Needs - Mt. Pleasant

If your parish or community is offering any help, resources, or activities for families with special needs and disabilities, please contact Linda to include this information on our website.

If you are interested in any further information about any of these, contact Linda Porter at lportertyler@gmail.com

Special Needs Contact

Linda Porter, M.T.S.