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Marriage & Family Life

In response to God’s call to holiness through the vocation of marriage, and prompted by the belief in the sacredness of family as "domestic church," the Office of Family Life seeks to provide our parishes and missions with the opportunities and resources that actively support, strengthen, preserve and enrich the family in light of the Gospel and Church teaching.

CONTACT: Director of Family Life: Deanna Johnston  
                 Email: djohnston@stphilipinstitute.org
                 Phone: 903-914-0827

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For all couples, this website will provide Catholic teaching, information, skills, inspiration, and resources on living Christian marriage in light of the gospel. www.foryourmarriage.org (USCCB).

Marriage Preparation

To All Couples preparing for Marriage!


Because your Church celebrates this most important decision of your life. and recognizing that sacramental marriage is a call to holiness.and so you can begin your life with the tools that will help you live out a faithful, permanent and fruitful commitment. This serious and sacred commitment requires careful consideration and preparation. The Diocese of Tyler has the following guidelines for sacramental marriage.


  1. Contact the priest or deacon who will witness the marriage at least 6 months in advance of the wedding, the sooner after engagement the better.
  2. Second interview and inquiry with priest or deacon.
    1. Present Baptism Certificates
    2. Date of wedding should not be set until freedom to marry is acknowledged
    3. Dispensations and permissions, as necessary
    4. Take the FOCCUS Inventory
    5. Arrange future meetings with priest and/or sponsor couple for review of FOCCUS
  3. Register for Marriage Preparation Day
    Family Life Office, 903 534-1977 ext. 165
    Click links below to print the registration form. 
  4. Attend Natural Family Planning Awareness Session.
  5. Meet with priest or deacon about wedding liturgy, sacrament, and spiritual preparation. The sacrament of Reconciliation is recommended.
  6. Select readings for the wedding liturgy. (From priest or Together For Life by Champion)
  7. Obtain Marriage License at least 1 month before the wedding date.
  8. Rehearsal
  9. Get to the Church on time! 

Calendar of Events

August 19, 2017 (Spanish) - Information and Registration Form

November 4, 2017 (Spanish) - Information and Registration Form

Living the Sacrament

A one-day preparation and enrichment workshop designed for couples who wish to have their marriage validated in the Church. The workshop is held at the Catholic Chancery on the Loop. $25 per couple to cover lunch and materials. (Date To Be Announced)

Marriage Resources

Marriage Tribunal

If you have questions about the ANNULMENT process in the Catholic Church, contact the Diocesan Marriage Tribunal office. tribunal@dioceseoftyler.org .

Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning "A Gift of Life, a Gift of Love"

What is Natural Family Planning?

Natural Family Planning (NFP) refers to methods of monitoring a woman's natural biological signs of fertility to identify days of fertility and infertility either to achieve pregnancy or to avoid pregnancy. An awareness and basic understanding of NFP is vital to cooperating with God's plan for marriage.

What does the Church teach about Natural Family Planning?

Pope John Paul II, quoting Humanae Vitae, states: "If there are reasonable grounds for spacing births, arising from physical or psychological conditions of husband or wife, or from external circumstances, the Church teaches that married people may take advantage of the natural cycles imminent in the reproductive system and use their marriage at precisely those times that they are infertile, and in this way control birth without offending moral principles."

How does Natural Family Planning affect marriage?

Natural Family Planning respects the dignity and well-being of the person, promotes openness to life, and recognizes the value of children. The methods are safe, reliable, and healthy. Couples using NFP have experienced closer communication and intimacy and have become more aware of their God-given power to participate in creating new life through their love. The following contacts are available to assists couples learn more about NFP in the Diocese of Tyler:

Kaylene Mongeau, RN

Stephen & MaryBeth Burns, RN

Jerry & Daya Stavinoha

Patty Greer, RN
903 291 8815(h)
903 261 3611(c)

Daniel & Natalie Herrera

Adam & Jodi Todd

Articles and Quotes on Marriage and the Family

Pope John Paul II, Ad Limina message on Family Life.

"Family, become what you are…the family has the mission to become more and more of what it is…that is to say, a community of life and love in an effort that will find fulfillment, as will everything created and redeemed in the kingdom of God." (Familaris Consortio, 17)

Follow the Way of Love, a Pastoral Message of the U.S. Bishops to Families

Familiaris Consortio,(On the Family), Pope John Paul II

Humanae Vitae, (On the Regulation of Birth) Pope Paul VI